Diary Entries

  • 3 July 2013

    The following diary entry excerpts were written exclusively for The String Diaries Facebook page, and used as additional content on the lead-up to the UK hardback publication date.


             30th April, 1879.  Győr, Hungary

             Diary of H. Fischer

    This will be my first entry.

    It’s been three days since they killed her. My beautiful wife. I buried her in the place she wanted. Just a simple grave. No time even for a marker, God forgive me. I came back to the house for the boy, packed a bag of our belongings and then we left. We can never return.

    I killed one of them. The leader of their group. The second one fled. I don’t know what happened to Jakab. Hopefully he’s dead.

    I’m writing this diary to preserve her memory for the boy. And, as a record of what happened to ... Read more

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